Space for Liberty

When designing Liberty Office Building, we looked for creative solutions to provide those working here with an inspiring environment where the working process is focussed on creation and where they can embrace opportunities free of limitations.

The dynamic interplay of the colourful facade, the huge glass surfaces and the spaces flooded with light, the skybar and greenhouse with their magnificent panorama and the inner park emanating peace and quiet combine to form an inspiring building complex.

The trendy 21st century look, the opportunity for both open-plan and cellular office layout, the people-centred services, the great number of parking spaces and the green environment offer an ideal working area to companies looking for a modern office building.

At the gate to the city centre

Liberty is located in District IX of Budapest at the crossing of Könyves Kálmán körút and Albert Flórián út, at the gate to the city centre for those arriving from Budapest International Airport or the direction of the M5 motorway, immediately next to Groupama Arena and the new Telekom Headquarters.

Renewable city quarter

The whole surrounding area will be renovated by the end of 2020, due to developments already completed or planned:

  • Complete reconstruction of metro line M3 and Népliget metro station (1)
  • Extension of tramline 1 to Kelenföld
  • Developing thousands of new residential properties; a popular location for young target groups (2)
  • Public areas under renewal: Népliget (3), Nehru part (4) and Bakáts tér (5)
  • New sports facilities: running track, bike roads, fitness centre and tennis courts, as well as a new handball arena (6)
  • Cultural investments: Opera Workshop (7), Transport Museum and Conference Centre (8), open stages in Népliget
  • New restaurants, cafés and other catering facilities

Excellent transport connections

  • Metro line M3
  • Tram 1
  • Ferencváros Railway Station
  • International bus terminal (Népliget)
  • Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in 15 minutes
  • Direct proximity to motorways through the M5 access road
  • Main transport routes: Könyves Kálmán körút, Üllői út

The office building

  • Flexibly adjust from 80-20% cellular and open-plan office layout
  • Each floor and phase can be divided into 4 office units
  • Maximum rentable office area per floor: net 4,700 m2
  • Optimum number of work stations per floor: 550 persons
  • Maximum seating density: 6.00 m2 per person
  • 2*3 sanitary blocks per floor
  • Glass facade partially shaded by baguettes with windows that open
  • Efficient layout of lifts and circulation in the middle of the building
  • Conference rooms and kitchenettes may be created flexibly
  • Opportunity to create an exclusive conference centre

Rentable areas

North wing South wing Total net rentable area
Groundfloor 1012 m2 1162 m2 2174 m2
1. Floor 1716 m2 1505 m2 3221 m2
2. Floor 2473 m2 2327 m2 4800 m2
3. Floor 2463 m2 2331 m2 4796 m2
4. Floor 2474 m2 2330 m2 4804 m2
5. Floor 2490 m2 2334 m2 4824 m2
6. Floor 2471 m2 2334 m2 4805 m2
7. Floor 2487 m2 2329 m2 4816 m2
8. Floor 2479 m2 1953 m2 4432 m2
Total 20 056 m2 18 607 m2 38 672 m2
GLA total 40 728 m2
Common area ratio 5,63 %
Storage space at underground garage levels 900 m2
Total area of terraces 406 m2
Car parking space 682
Motorbike parking space 30
Bicycle parking space 280

General floor plan for Floors 2-7


  • Panoramic skybar
  • Skygarden, greenhouse
  • Running track, streetball court, gardens for relaxation at the rooftop level
  • Terrace at each floor
  • Restaurant and café
  • Outdoors food truck stations
  • Shops and food store on the ground floor
  • Bubi station
  • Electric car chargers
  • Bicycle racks (280), changing rooms and showers
  • Inner garden with fountains

Entry and security

  • Two central receptions with entrance security gates
  • Target level controlled energy-efficient lifts
  • Separate lift for the parking levels
  • Separate parking spaces for guests
  • Four stairways, two security lifts
  • Card entry system, 24/7 security service, CCTV
  • Accessible solutions

Technical features

  • Class A+ with flexible BTS solutions
  • Heating and lighting can be controlled also individually
  • Floor load capacity: 3.80 kN/m2
  • Ceiling height: 2.80 m
  • Modular and monolith suspended ceiling (as designed)
  • Removeable raised floor with 8 cm air space
  • Openable windows with solar control insulated glass
  • High capacity fresh air supply
  • Cutting edge acoustic systems
  • Double electrical feed
  • Diesel generator, UPS if requested

Smart building solutions

  • Integrated building management system (BMS)
  • External weather sensor
  • Indoor air quality monitor
  • Target level controlled lifts
  • Optimised electric vehicle charging (cars, motorcycles, scooters)

Green experience, human scale

Liberty Office Building is seeking BREEAM Excellent certificate with its awesome greenhouse created by joining the two top floors in the wing along the Boulevard, as well as its panoramic skybar, roof gardens and tracks on top of the building.

BREEAM® Excellent

  • Large green areas and places for relaxation
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Environmentally friendly use of materials
  • Conscious water use
  • Optimised, environmentally friendly lighting
  • Environmentally friendly mechanical engineering technologies
    • Natural airing and free cooling
    • Energy-saving operation with heat recovery air handling
    • No-noise chilled beams
    • District heating
  • Environmentally friendly waste management


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